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Thinking, Fast and Slow is the book of the Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman. My rating of the book is 4 out of 5 stars. Short review presents the psychodrama with the two characters, Sistem 1 and Sistem 2. Book shows us, that it’s easier to recognize other people’s mistake than our own, among many other very useful cases and examples. For business, for study and our relationships. Did you know that the formula for marital stability is simply the frequency of lovemaking minus frequency of quarrels? Book contributes heavily to the decision making theory. Although not written primarily for decision makers, this book helps us think better about our decisions. ...

What is it that people in the third world really need? How to solve the transportation problem in the third world? Tata has set the right questions and solve the problem of transport with the successful development of the first true low-priced car in the world....

Ken Robinson in the book The Element: A New View of Human Capacity by Ken Robinson explains that lucky people tend to: + maximize chance opportunities; + listen to their intuition; + expect to be lucky; + have an attitude that allows them to turn bad luck to good; + know how they are intelligent. But, to find their element lucky people had to overcome their personal, social, and cultural “circles of constraints"....

What is worth remembering from the post Business Model Analysis & the Link to Strategy on using Business Model Canvas in large organizations. And lessons learned from why not pick a little bit from different business models to the use of multiple business models and strategic decisions....

Yes, I was participating in the World's Best Presentation Contest by Slide Share.I was going for a victory but that didn't happen. :) Not even a victory in the category where I was competing in - business. I'm still very proud of the presentation I made completely by myself. This presentation was actually a master's thesis presentation. See it for yourself:[slideshare id=5417630&doc=msavic-mba-thesis-v2-101011174452-phpapp01]Oh, and the winner is:[slideshare id=5602255&doc=smoke-theconvenienttruth-ep-101028211434-phpapp01]The winner for the category business, where I was competing is (really good one, I must say):[slideshare id=5759756&doc=tipsonpitching-101112162129-phpapp02]If you would like to know more about the contest follow the:http://www.slideshare.net/contest/worlds-best-presentation-contest-2010?cmp_src=homepage_anouncer ...