Marko Savić

Experienced Business Design Coach and Design Management Lecturer turned into an advocate of mobility of all by weekdays. Volleyball and beach volleyball tournaments manager and promoter by weekends.
Interdisciplinary doctoral student of Environmental Protection. Author of the book on Business Model innovation. Master of Science in the Business Administration programme and Master of Science in Anthropology of Everyday Life, Media Studies. Professor of Physical Education. Regular morning runner and year-round cyclist. 

Recently started the Mobilitatis Omni institute where we are forming the consortium of the Central European Alliance for Sustainable Mobility. After more than fifteen years of working in the economy, Savić turned to the advocacy of the cross-border railway infrastructure reconnection in Slovenia and rebuilding its border missing links in the border regions.

In the fall of 2016, Savić habilitated at the Faculty of Design as the Senior Lecturer in Design Management. Before the summer of 2017, after a few years of absence, Savić decided to return to volleyball, where he runs, a beach volleyball development hub. Currently, Savić is a doctoral student in the interdisciplinary doctoral program at the University of Ljubljana, Environmental Protection.

Between 2014 and 2016, with the dŠola institute, Savić represented Slovenia in the Design for Europe project. At the beginning of 2012, after starting a series of workshops in Slovenia and abroad on the topic of business model innovation, Savić coached several hundred participants in the workshop series, using tools such as Business Model Canvas.

In the summer of 2014 Savić published a book on business model innovation. The book is in Slovene with the title: Oblikovanje poslovnih modelov: Kje se skriva ključ do debelih vrednosti v prodornih organizacijah, which would be in English: Business Model Innovation: Where’s the Key to Thick Value Design in Vigorous Organisations

Book itself has come out of the experience of co-founding and leading for several years a design studio Vizuarna on top of being a deputy manager in the outdoor advertising company Tam-Tam. My business experience started back in 2000 at the Slovenian Sports Office, where I run a project and national advertising campaign for sports recreation.


University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business

2004/2005 – Masters of Science (M. Sc.) in Business Administration, international programme of General Management, ECTS: 120.

AMEU, Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis, Ljubljana Graduate School of Humanities

1998 – 2000 – Masters of Science (M. Sc.) of Anthropology of Everyday Life, Media Studies.

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Sport

1992 – 1998 – Professor of Physical Education, Sports Training.

Awards and recognitions

2014 – Team Leader at the Citizen Focused Design Challenge in 2014: winners of the Best Presentation Award, Oslo Innovation Week, Norwegian Design Council.

2009 – competition for the best annual report for 2009, third place for the annual report of Ljubljanske mlekarne (Ljubljana dairy), newspaper Finance,

2007 – Zlati Netko (Golden Netko) Award, for the corporate website of Ljubljanske mlekarne, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia.