How great leaders inspire action?

Golden circle is a pattern discovered by Simon Sinek why some leaders and organizations they lead consistently outperform others. It consists of three circles where the first is, Why, the second is How and the third What. If you know Why you are doing what you are doing and know How to do it, Sinek claims you’ll be successful no matter what you do.

Leadership is very important. At all levels. More than we wished for and more than we want to admit it. Before almost 50 years ago Martin Luther King delivered the extremely inspirational speech “I have a Dream”. At the time he was 34 years old. For only if we delve deeper into his speech, we would find that it is no coincidence that Martin Luther King was and still is a remarkable inspiration for many of us.


How could we inspiration that some individuals apparently are able to pass on, transform to the organizational level? Whether we have purely economic organization, public or civil in nature in our minds. Simon Sinek, a visionary, trained as a ethnographer and best known for the discovery of the Golden circle has convincingly shown why some leaders or some organizations are better, more innovative and more successful than others. The pattern is called the Golden Circle.

In a Golden circle pattern there are actually three circles. The first says Why. The one in the middle says How. And the outer third circle says What. And while all the organizations, including all employees of these organizations in the world, are able to explain what they are doing, we would find fewer of those organizations or individuals who can explain how they do what they do. Whether they can explain their value proposition differentiation or what their unique selling proposition is. In short, there are some organizations or individuals that are able to explain their key marketing concepts by answering the question How.

But there are very rare organizations and individuals in the organizations who can tell you Why they do what they do. And with Why it’s not about making a profit. Why does Mura (some decades ago textil giant from Slovenia) sews clothes? Why does Elan (that makes one of the most innovative skis in the world) make skis? Why do your neighbor entrepreneur repairs computers? It’s not a very easy answer. What is your belief? What is the reason you’re doing what you’re doing? What is your purpose? Why does your organization exist? What gets you out of bed every morning? And why would anyone care about what you do?

All great leaders communicate the Golden circle from the inside out. Why in the first place. And then what to do.

My mission is to help the economy and public organizations with new business models design. It is my firm belief that design thinking and constructive strategies will lead to happier communities. We’ll perform this

  • by raising awareness of business (model) design of individuals at the workshops;
  • by modeling, prototyping and user orientation as key design thinking benefits; and
  • by designing leadership programs that will encourage and allow opportunities to learn and experiment.

Join the ride and we’ll change the world together.

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