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Well, Halvorson said that if you or your organisation has a website, then you are a publisher but I guess my claim could also hold in this web 2.0 times (or are we already 3.0?). One other thing to keep in mind is that this is not a book about web writing. It’s about content strategy – for the web....

They say that at this event we are going to design, develop and present a brand new service in just 48 hours.My master plan or my big idea is: automatic production of designed business, academic and financial reports. So I'm quite curious what will be the ideas from other members of the GSJ11 in Rotterdam? And what will be the feedback on my idea/problem/plan?I'll report how is it going. Probably on Twitter [@marksavic]. Or even will try to make some kind of a presentation.So, please if interested, join me. I'm heading for Rotterdam from Berlin on Friday, March 11. The event is taking place at:Rotterdam University of Applied SciencesSchool of Communication, Media and Information TechnologyPieter de Hoochweg 1293024 BG RotterdamNetherlandsThe event lasts two full days, till Sunday afternoon, March 13.There are still places available, I...