What is the corporate identity audit? Why is it important?

This post was part of my presentation competing at the WBPC10.

What is the corporate identity audit? Why is it important?

Corporate design is the most visible part of corporate identity. And the corporate design is by definition an instrument for transformation and, at the same time, a guarantee of continuing corporate recognition. To follow that definition, when developing a corporate identity we have to conduct a proper corporate identity audit.

Corporate identity audit steps:

  • step 1: select the audit team,
  • step 2: assess the key elements in the corporate identity,
  • step 3: determine who should be interviewed,
  • step 4: conduct audit interviews,
  • step 5: audit corporate identity factors,
  • step 6: summarize salient points,
  • step 7: determine the options for change,
  • step 8: present the audit results, and
  • step 9: use the audit data to improve the corporate identity.

Corporate identity audit is necessary because there are three laws of corporate design to be followed.

Corporate design namely has to assure:

  • change, but sensible change,
  • understanding that design is order, and
  • repetition is power.
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