Master’s Thesis in Short

My thesis The Corporate Design Strategy and Branding: The Role of Design Management in developing the Corporate Identity has: + 76 pages, + 26 figures, and + 6 tables. It was successfully defended in September 2010. It consists of four main chapters on + corporate identity, + branding and brand architecture, + corporate design strategy, and + design management.

The thesis I have been writing about on this blog is done. There was a possibility for me to defend the thesis this week but it seems like this is going to be in autumn anyway.


I did not pass the technical examination of the thesis, yet, although I consider myself to be an expert in technical editing. But rules are to be obeyed. But, the good news are:

  • the content of the thesis is just fine. No comments from the mentor. I’m satisfied.
  • I have more than enough time to prepare to defend the thesis.

And the bad news? It will be really difficult for me in autumn because my schedule is going to explode. There is a saying: “Što ne ubije, jača!”, which means: If something is not going to kill you, it will make you stronger.

The thesis has:

  • 76 pages,
  • 26 figures,
  • 6 tables.

The introduction part explains what it is all about. It has also the purpose, goals, hypotheses, and shortly explained methodology.  The main part consists of four chapters:

What about the conclusions? Yes, I’m discussing what I found out on the whole 20 pages. I’m explaining the goals. What are the final conclusions?

  1. In my opinion, the set-up of brand architecture is a precondition for the corporate identity development process to start.
  2. Although I was not able to confirm the leading role of design management in the development of a corporate identity it is clear that design management is such a wide-spectrum discipline that it would be optimal if it has a leading role in corporate identity development.
  3. Corporate identity demands support from top management. The resources for the development of the corporate identity are necessary from inside the corporations and from outside consultants.
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