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 We are able to support the thesis that there is clear connection between the corporate identity and brand architecture. In our opinion the brand architecture is a precondition for a process of the development of the corporate identity to start.  We are able to confirm that design management is not the only discipline that should be involved in corporate identity and branding. But we could say that in corporate identity and branding development design management should have a role, at least. There is a possibility or even a must that other disciplines are included. But design management is such a wide spectre discipline that it could be optimal if it has a leading role. Corporate identity definitely demands support from top management. Resources in corporate identity development are to be combined from inside of the corporations and...

There was a prediction of future design professionals, back in 2004, who will be:intelligent “makers”,active learners and communicators,active citizens, andsustainable entrepreneurs. These design professionals were to work in sustainable economies and corporate environments that are concerned with economic, social, and environmental issues (Cooper in Green et al., 2004).Source: Green D., Lee et al. 2004. Perspectives on designing design managers. Design Management Review: 15/2, p. 74-79....

For design as such, we know that there are some advantages of outsourcing design, such as: the breadth of experience, objective opinion, bringing challenging perspectives for problem solving, and producing focused solutions. An in-house design team advantages are: that they are active stakeholders in an organisation, focused experience, shared sense of purpose, influencing companies design culture, and easier access to decision-makers and power holders (Best, 2006). Both options have disadvantages too. It is pretty clear, although the example goes from using design, that in corporate identity and brand architecture development the optimal solution will always be a combination of internal and external resources. Source: Best, Kathryn. 2006. Design Management: Managing Design Strategy, Process and Implementation. AVA Publishing SA. 215 p....