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Various studies have shown that designer usually only parts of their professional work really do as designers. That fact alone gives a lot of possibilities to develop a career for designers and design managers alike....

“Champions may push from above, policies may sit off to one side, programs tend to be temporary and functions isolated, whether leading or lagging. In contrast, design as infusion works alongside, and especially within other functions. Managers whose responsibilities touch design do not merely accept it, but become part of it. Design thus becomes a way of life in the organization.” —Dumas and Minztberg, 1989Design Champion is according to one of the design consultancy approaches one of the most suitable ways for an organization to promote design. The champion could be the chief executive officer or other executives too or even an outside consultant. This person acts as a patron and even if he/she leaves the organizations there is the possibility to leave something important behind. The problems could occur when there are promoted beliefs...