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Managing OneselfManaging Oneself by Peter F. Drucker
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Really interesting to find out that this book has only 60 small pages. I don’t know what I actually expected but this was a nice surprise. In the book, there is some really good advice.

To remember from this book, in my opinion, is: successful careers are not planned. … But naturally one has to be prepared for it. Even more, if you succeed you should start developing a parallel career.

Maybe even more important: it is everyone’s duty to take responsibility for your relationships. … You should ask everyone with whom you work the following question: what do I need to know about your strengths, how you perform, your values, and your proposed contribution? Naturally, the answers to those questions are something everybody should have for himself too, especially if you are above mid-twenty.

  1. The first thing in this book that was of special interest to me was questioning myself in order to find out how do I perform best: + Am I a reader or listener? … Usually one cannot be both.
  2. The second thing about ourselves we should know is: + How do I learn? … By listening and reading or by writing? Or by doing? Or hearing yourself talk (usually to others).
  3. And not least: Do I work well with people or am I a loner?

There are some other questions we should consider: Am I a decision-maker or an adviser? Do I perform well under stress? Do I work best in a big organisation or in a small one? And one question that the author is explaining in more detail: + What are my values?

The last thing to remember from this book in my opinion:
+ The secret in “managing” your boss is to adapt yourself to what makes your boss most effective.

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